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Only in Mexico (video)

Confusio inventó la… WTF?

via: lion05

Mexican Humour in times of swineflu WTF

Pic added by MariaJose Vazquez from my “Solo in México” group on Facebook. The blog is here

WTF: If you think this is stupid

If you think this is stupid (swallowing the most spicy pepper in the world) dont ask how it went for our two aficionados the day after. video via: Tecnoculto That, will give you an idea: pic via: Hail to the Deadskins

WTF is wrong with Beyonce?

We all NEED to know

I need to know if she really thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago, I want to know that, I really do, because she is going to have the nuclear codes. I want to know if she banned books, or tried to ban books, I mean, you know, we can’t have that. – Matt Damon [...]

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