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Bibayoff Wines

Today we will talk about a Russian tradition settled in México… Bibayoff ! If you have the chance to visit Ensenada, you cant leave without visiting the vineyards of Bibayoff, a 35 Hectares vineyards of Chenin Blanc, Colombard, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo and Moscatel. Only 15 are used to make 800 bottles per year of [...]

Baron Balch`é wines

Balch`é is a Mayan word that means “ceremonial drink”, it´s the symbol of noblesse (Baron) and Mayan religiosity (Balch´è). These are wines that will give lots to talk about, they are product of the great creativity of the Enogolist Víctor Torres and the love and dedication of the vineyards owner, Juan Rios. Their wines are [...]

Viña de Liceaga

Viña de Liceaga is one of the finest wineries in México. As they say: “At Viña de Liceaga, we capture the magic of the vineyard through our selected wines, so you can enjoy…México´s fine Wine” Their wines: A white “Castillo de las Minas” 100% Chenin Blanc. A red Castillo de las Minas, (blend of Merlot [...]

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