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Bibayoff Wines

Today we will talk about a Russian tradition settled in México… Bibayoff ! If you have the chance to visit Ensenada, you cant leave without visiting the vineyards of Bibayoff, a 35 Hectares vineyards of Chenin Blanc, Colombard, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo and Moscatel. Only 15 are used to make 800 bottles per year of [...]

Casa de Piedra

Today I’ll be talking about a great Mexican Enologist, Hugo D´Acosta, and his 2 amazing (and well known) wines; Vino de Piedra and Piedra del Sol and a familiar, warm, beautiful… made stone by stone winery: CASA DE PIEDRA. This winery was born in 1997 and as his owner Hugo D´Acosta sais, it was “Inspired [...]

Viña de Liceaga

Viña de Liceaga is one of the finest wineries in México. As they say: “At Viña de Liceaga, we capture the magic of the vineyard through our selected wines, so you can enjoy…México´s fine Wine” Their wines: A white “Castillo de las Minas” 100% Chenin Blanc. A red Castillo de las Minas, (blend of Merlot [...]

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